Wednesday 15 August 2012

Wednesday already??!!

Oh my, now that I am working again time does seem to fly right by. 
I must tell you how wonderfully grateful I am for having been able to knit and crochet away the last eight months while searching for a job. Had I not had a craft to fall back on, I am sure I would either be stark raving mad right now, or depressed to the brink of destruction.
On a sentimental note, it is my moms birthday today. She passed over 2 months ago, so it is a bit strange to have her birthday come round without her to share it with - So a big Happy Birthday to you Mom, we are all thinking of you on your special day xoxo
I do have quite a bit to share with you all, (another bonus of being busy :-D).
Let me start with my WIP:
Not too much happening on that front, but it is moving, albeit a bit slower than the last 2 weeks whilst I was busy with the Ravellenic Games I might add!
I have started working on Kays' pullover again. 
Problems I have with it: Well, it looks tiny! I adjusted the pattern twice when I started so that it would fit her well, but as I continue knitting it is looking really small. She tried it on and so far it fits - just fits, I guess I don't mind as long as it will fit her for the first bit of the winter season.
My other problem with it is the wool :-( If you have been following my blog, you may have noticed that the last couple of projects were done in a ribbon yarn (ONline Nova 211), which I got for a bargain through Ebay a couple of months ago. Well, bargain here or there, I won't be using this stuff again. Whilst using this in my projects (and it has happened in all of them where I have used the yarn, not as much in the crochet though) the yarn that is combined with the ribbon bunches up and by the end of the ball the ribbon is so thin so I am cutting off about 0.5m of each time just so that my work looks even :-( Have any of you out there had this kind of experience?
On the Reading front:
Started this book last night. So far it is quite gripping and I could only put it down when my eyes were just about closed LOL! You can get this from Book Depository at a really good price (If you click on the link, or the image, it will take you through to the version that is 56% cheaper, and they deliver S/H FREE!! :wink:) I haven't read an of the others from the series yet, but will look into getting them if this one is good.

I am so excited about this new news and have as such left it till last! I am once again demonstrating Creative Crafts as a distributor of Gonis Products available in the german speaking countries. I was busy selling and demonstrating with these products many years ago, I love them and the infinite possibilities I have with them. I will be starting a section (hopefully, I will find the time to dedicate a day to post and share tutorials and the like of how I make the things I do) and would love for you to come and have a squiz. I am busy revamping my "filofaxy" agenda and will be using that as my first post on the subject. I hope to have it finished in time for Friday!
I will be sharing this post and I look forward to seeing what all the talented folk are up to over at:


  1. Gosh, you have had a complicated time! Too bad your mother is no longer there to celebrate her birthday with you! On the other hand it is super that you can work again! I know how important crafts are to stay mentally healthy ...
    Take care!

    1. Hi Elisabeth,
      I work part-time at a mentally handicapped home and I am loving being able to work again, the feeling of being needed by people who aren't family is so fulfilling in it's own special way!
      Thanks so much for the visit.

  2. I knit with ribbon yarn exactly once - that was enough for me :) Lovely colour though!

    DH is bonkers for Lee Child. His books as well as those by Robert Crais and James Lee Burke are his favourites.

    1. Hi Minding My Own Stitches,
      Glad it is not only my experience with this yarn.
      Thanks for visiting.

  3. Oh, I LOVE all those Jack Reacher books!!! Mindless----all pretty much the same---but, that's OK!!! Lovely purple!
    I really hate knitting with novelty yarns---it seems too often they want to do something funky like you described. No idea for a good solutions, although, like you, I've found that crocheting sometimes controls it a bit better than knitting. (works, too, for chenille yarns). Good luck.

  4. what a lovely color, but I've never used a ribbon you think the problem is unique to this lot..I really have no idea. but despite all that it looks great..

  5. It's lovely of you to celebrate your mother on her birthday. I hope the day was full of fond memories. The pullover looks great. I'm sorry to hear the yarn is such a bummer to work with.


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