Wednesday 8 August 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have only the one project to share with you this week as it is taking up all my knitting time!
I have managed to get quite a bit of the sleeves done of my Ravellenic Games Event Project, so once again I have the finish line in my sights, lost it for a while, but now I know I will make it.
Reading: Haven't got any reading done this week, have been using all my free time to knit ;-)
Next week all things should be back to normal, although school starts again so routines will once again be changing, but change is always welcome!
Have a great mid-week.
I am going to be taking a week from Kitchen Krafts for a while as I am rather busy with other things. Will share more with you soon!
I will be sharing this over at:


  1. Knit, Natalie, knit! :) You can do it, I am sure... almost sure :)

    1. Hi Elisabeth,
      Thanks for the cheer and vote of confidence! :-D
      Have a super week.

  2. Very pretty yarn! I'm sure you'll be able to finish soon.

    1. Hi Anke,
      Yes, thank you, I am 7 rows away from finishing the sleeves, so I guess I will be on my way to the finish line sometime soon :-D
      Thanks for visiting.


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