Sunday 5 August 2012

Ravellenic Games - Day 10

Already day 10 :-O
I have started on both the sleeves and realize that I have quite a bit to knit to get to the end of this jersey. Need to pull out all the stops now as I have got to knit about 100 rows on each sleeve to get somewhere and only 7 more days to go!

I didn't knit anything yesterday as we were invited to spend the day on Lake Thun sailing and wake-boarding! The weather was fanastic and it was such good fun, but even though I was lathered with sun cream I still burnt to a crisp :-(
The girls had so much fun but are not managing to use their arms very much today as they are so stiff - shame!
Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera with me, didn't even take my cell phone, so I can't share even one photo with you....

Anyway, got to run, lots of knitting to do!
Have a good rest of your weekend!


  1. Only seven days to go.... Cough:) my best wishes! Anyway your day was great yesterday!

    1. Hi Elisabeth,

      Yip, I agree, sacrifices need to be made, and it was so much fun!
      Hope you have been having similar summer weather in Holland.....
      Have a great Sunday.


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