Monday 27 August 2012

Crafting away the hours

This weekend I have been crafting away, which in itself is pretty meditative. 
Remember Jassy's Ravellenic pullover?
I did say that I was planning on finishing it up with something or other. We decided it would look really cute with some needle felting of some sort, and so this is what we decided on:
I loved being creative in this way. Putting the finishing touches to a self-made garment. I am pretty happy with the results.
Then I went on to craft something of a different nature:

Isn't she cute?
How was your weekend?
Our weather has gone from a wonderfully hot summer week (roughly 38 degrees C most days) to turning and dropping down to 12 Deg this morning :-O. The forecast for tomorrow says snow! Oh my, where is that glove yarn again, will be whipping up some pairs this week quickly just in case.
Chat soon.

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