Friday 25 January 2013

Book-Club Begins Today :)

Our Book-Club discussions for our first book officially begin today!

I am already reading the book, and loving it :)
How are you enjoying the story so far?

Not a member but would like to be?

You can still join in, it is never too late. 

I have set up the group so that everyone can read at their own pace and as they get to certain bits of the book, they can take part in the discussions in the book folder. 
As a member you can add to the discussions, give your thoughts on the material and discuss all things "booky" and otherwise (We also have a general discussion area that is open to all topics)

To join, please follow this LINK

You will find yourself on Goodreads where I have set up the book-club.

Once you have joined the club:

You will see the various discussion boards that are available.

Feel free to browse through them all and introduce yourself, it is always nice to meet new people ;)

As a member you also can influence the choices of the future "To-Read" books, by adding your selections to the group Bookshelf. 

The new readers that will be voted for will come from the group bookshelf selection.

Our next book choice selection will begin from Mid-February, so be sure to come and add your choices soon.

Look forward to meeting you.

Marigolds' Loft Online Book-Club's bookshelf: read
Marigolds' Loft Online Book-Club 4 members Welcome to Marigolds' Loft Online Book-Club. This is the platform where we will discuss the books...

Our new-possibles shelf

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  1. I cannot commit to join, still trying to finish a book started a long time ago but looking forward to seeing titles I have never come across!

    1. Hi Nat at Made in Home,
      Super, maybe one will inspire you to join us :)
      Have a super weekend.

  2. Hi, mine has arrived! read the first 3 chapters and am loving it.

    1. Hi EMMA -YAY!!
      I too am loving it thus far!
      Look forward to seeing you on the Goodreads platform soon, if you have any problems let me know :)


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