Tuesday 22 January 2013

Book Review - House Rules

ISBN: 9781439177549

Synopsis: Jacob Hunt is a teen with Asperger's syndrome, but he has a special focus on forensic analysis. He's always showing up at crime scenes and telling the cops what to do. And he's usually right. But when Jacob's small hometown is rocked by a terrible murder, law enforcement comes to him.


Another great read from Ms. Picoult.

I loved the way I could feel in-touch with each of the characters as the author manages to portray them as, well.... humans, as diverse as we are, trying to cope with life and its' expectations and limitations.

My favourite character has to be Jacob, quirky, loveable and witty. I appreciated the way the author managed to show us a spectrum of autism which most of us don't come into contact with, how it impounds on the family as a unit and not just the individual. She also manages to portray his thought and feelings about his outer world which I found touching.

Being very "Vaccine-aware", I appreciated that this was included in the book, as I think too many people out there still turn a blind eye to the poisons we so willingly introduce into our children's bodies - all in good faith - and the sometimes devastating effects which become the end results of our wanting to keep our babies "Safe and Healthy"

This book is about a murder which happens, and strangely enough, I did find myself feeling a bit frustrated because as much as it was about Asperger's Syndrome, it was still about a murder and it did trail a bit behind the whole story. 

I found the ending not as good as it perhaps could have been.

Overall though, I genuinely enjoyed this book.

Have you read this book?
What are your thoughts on it?


  1. I too enjoyed "House Rules"I enjoyed how the writer allowed to tell his own story of what its like to have asbergers versus just the mother telling what her failings are as a parent.

    1. Hi Trin,
      I agree, I have since become quite the Jodi Picoult fan :)
      Thanks for visiting.


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