Saturday 26 January 2013

Stitches Explained - M1R - Make-One-Right

I have been promising for such a long time to explain some of my stitches so today I made myself take the time to start to get this going.

You will find all of the explained stitches categorized on their own page which you can find at the top under the Tab "Knitting-Know-How".

Here is how you go about M1R or M1r (Make-One-Right)

This tells you to make an increase, and if you are a continental knitter, using the right needle.

 For us right-handed (English-knitters) peeps out there it isn't that straight forward so I will try and explain.

First find the thread/strand between the 2 stitches:

Got it? Okay, now pick it up from behind with your left needle:

Now knit the stitch from the front. You will find that is is rather tight and sometimes difficult to get that needle through - this means it is correct!

TIP: if the stitch is way too easy and loose, you are knitting it from the wrong side!

 You can find more Stitch Tutorials HERE
 If there is a stitch that you need explaining and you don't find it here, please let me know, I will add it to the collection asap :)

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