Friday 24 April 2015

In Love with Weaving

Warped loom

Over the last two weeks I have been honing my weaving skills on multi-shafted looms.
I must tell you that I am totally in love with them and whilst sitting here writing this I feel a little cold-turkey going on :)

At the end of the two weeks we warped the loom and created our own project. I decided that I wanted to better my skills in the silk department and so chose to create a tussah silk scarf.

2/2 Twill variation

For the pattern I chose a 2/2 Twill variation and love the effect it has!

I finished the scarf in two days. The first day I was very enthusiastic and tried very hard to keep my beating as regular as I could.

By the end of the second day I was tired and wanted to take a break, but at the same time I wanted to finish the project and so I pushed forward which made a BIG difference in the cloth which I only noticed as I was about to finish the scarf.

My patterning is a lot looser from the moment I wanted to finish for the day, but I have decided to leave it in the scarf as a reminder to myself that when I feel like I need a break, I need to walk away from the loom and return the next day instead of stubbornly pushing forward!

Weavinfg skills

Silk Scarf Handmade

This is an image of the finished scarf, the colours aren't as vibrant in this photo as they are in real life, but you can see the wonderful shine the silk has.

handwoven silk scarf

This is more of an actual colour image :)
I love the feel and the drape of the scarf!
Will I be making another?
I actually have already finished a warp for another 3 scarves to get started on at work asap :)

What have you managed to finish this week?
Feel free to link your Finished Objects for the week below :)

Until next time,

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  1. Natalie that scarf is very beautiful, the colour, pattern and drape all work so well together. I can feel myself being tempted to have a go at weaving. Maybe one day!


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