Sunday 12 April 2015

My Weaving Week

Over the last week I have been having so much fun, and so little sleep :)

 I have been on a weaving course, trying out various patterns and tie ups.
Week one of the two week course is now finished and these are some of the sample fabrics which I managed to produce so far:

Handwoven Jacket material
Handwoven Jacket Material

Clothing Fabric
Clothing Fabric

cushion fabric
Cushion Fabric (view of front and back)

Tussah Silk Scarf
Silk Scarf

Double sided blanket material
Double-Sided Blanket Material (view of front and back)

waffle cloth

Shadow Cloth
Place-mat material out of linen

Handtowel technique
A Hand-towel pattern

As I learnt all the pattern names in German I will try and find out what they are called in English to share the exact patterns with you too if you are interested?

I still need to zigzag and wash my samples so I have a good "Before" and "After" view. I hope to that today and will share the results with you next time.

As my course has me doing really long days, I haven't much time for anything else. The long train rides have helped me to finish Kay's Socks which I will share with you on Friday.

Next week I will be working on an individual project of my choice, I can't wait to see how that turns out :)

See you soon


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