Tuesday 21 April 2015

New Projects

I have finally managed to start a new knitting project.

ben lomond

I have started on a new pair of cuffs/wristlets for hubby.
He loved the last pair so much that he told me he is scared to wear them too often incase they wear through - so adorable :)

So of course I gladly cast on another pair, this time in a darker grey, but in the same Baby Merino.

I have many sock projects on the line over the next while, but I do feel my fingers getting itchy for a bigger project and have a couple in mind.

Drops Muskat

I think I will be starting with my Grandpa cardigan.

I have a load of Drops Muskat which was reserved for another project but now I feel like I really want to knit a cardigan and so this one is the one I will begin with. I know that this cardie asks for 100% wool, but I have 100% cotton here so I am going to give it a bash!

Have you substituted wool with cotton before?
Did your project turn out how you had hoped?

I am back home after my two week intensive weaving course which I thoroughly enjoyed.


My silk scarf, which I warped last week is now off the loom and I will proudly introduce it to you on Friday. (You will also have a platform to show off your FOs available to you so come on over and link your completed projects.) 

warping the loom

The techniques I learnt last week have already been put into action and I have warped our 4-Shaft loom at work with some more Tussah silk and will be making 3 different scarves with similar patterning as mine.

I will share them with you as I progress.

Reading Wise: I am reading "Dear Scarlett" which I think falls into a young adult fiction. I am enjoying this book quite a lot and find myself reading chapter after chapter :)

What have you been busy with over the last week?

See you soon


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  1. Your silk scarf looks fab, and although I have not substituted wool with cotton, I say go for it!


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