Monday 6 April 2015

Rummaging Through My Working Stash Drawer

Rummaging through my working stash drawer

This morning I decided my WIP bag was looking rather lonely with just the one pair of socks inside of it, so I thought I could remedy that by going through my working stash drawer and seeing what I still have inside of it.

It seemed to do the trick :)
 I have spent this morning going merrily through Ravelry to find myself some small side projects that I can take along with me and do as in-between work when my bigger projects, which I have planned, need a break.

So let me get you all up to date - First Kay's socks which are actually on my needles!

red heart sock yarn

These should be on their way off the needles at the latest tomorrow, I am hoping, as I have around 2cm to go before I start the toe decreases.

Now on to my finds from my drawer:

Drops Fabel Socks

These will be knit for Jas 

Jaywalkers drops fabel

This pair will be for me: Jaywalkers

Mens socks drops fabel

These will be for a new pair for Hubby

socks for a friendly neighbour

This Fabel will make a nice pair of cabled socks for a sweet neighbour of ours.

wooly socks for kay

This yarn will go towards making Kay a nice fluffy pair of winter socks.

toe-up socks on Craftsy

This ball I have reserved for my Craftsy Course - Toe-Up Socks

Ben Lomond for Hubby

Hubby loves the wristlets I made him for Christmas so much that I will get on to making him another pair of these soon.

drops alpaca

These pretty balls of alpaca yarn will be used to make Jas a cute looking hat.

So, now my Project Bag is once again filled with little projects, I will be sharing them again with you as I begin to work on them.

I am still figuring out what my next big project will be. 
As soon as I have it all sussed out I will be sure to share them with you :)


Reading Wise: I am almost finished my book from last week. Then I will continue reading "Swiss Watching" which I had a quick peek into over the weekend and it looks rather entertaining :)

Other than that I am looking through the books: 

Well, that is it from me for today, I will catch up with you all again later in the week I hope.

See you soon


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