Friday 29 January 2016

FO Friday Fun

Welcome back to another week of Finished Object Fun :)

This week I also have something to share with you all:


Meet my Misae Shawl :)

I have finally managed to get it off my needles and I love it!

wolke 7

I love the stitch definition and the gorgeous colours of this lovely gradient Wolke 7 yarn made by Andrea @ Wollehimmel

I managed to finish this baby on my train ride home last week. I was on my last row, which I knew would be the last as I was sure I would have enough yarn for another 1.5 rows, when suddenly I saw the end of the yarn leering up at me and I still had about 20 stitches to knit! 

What was I to do?

  I did what any knitter would have done - I knit faster, as if that was going to help LOL!!

I managed to just get it off the needles with about 10 cm of yarn to spare - Whew!


What have you managed to finish this week?

Feel free to share your finished objects below :)

See you soon

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