Wednesday 27 January 2016

Lovely Yarn Projects :)

Since the beginning of this year, I am having so much more added fun with my projects as I am loving the handmade goodness with which these yarns have been made :)

I have some brand new projects on my needles this week, so let me jump right in!

First up: My Avalanche


When I cast on for this project I did feel a little worried as the pattern has all of these possibilities to it, long sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, long hem, short hem....... and I really wasn't sure if I would understand the pattern.

I am still not 100% sure that I am knitting it correctly, but it looks right so I am hoping it is :)

I am knitting this in some hand-dyed merino singles from Sidispinnt and am loving the tones of grey that are coming through as I knit.

Next up: Interim Socks

interim socks

These socks I am making on the go and as an in-between sock pattern to keep myself from casting on the next month's socks before the time :)

As I was busy caking the yarn into two skeins my scale gave up the ghost and so I just randomly caked until I thought the two cakes looked similar in size.

Then, as these are socks for hubby (which I am sure he will only wear at home) I figured that I would just cast on and somewhere along the line the socks will start to look similar. Well, that has yet to happen :O

So far they actually don't look like they even belong to the same pair!

But I love them!
I think they look very original and don't plan on doing anything about them besides knitting them finished ;)

Talking of socks....

My Sea Wall sock yarn will be caked up today and ready for cast on on Monday :)

Are you going to be joining us in this month's Sock-Along?

I would love it if you do!

There are some amazing prizes up for grabs (you will be hearing all about them and the lovely sponsors behind the prizes over the next couple of weeks) and all you have to do to grab a chance to win is to cast on a pair of socks no earlier than Feb 1st (Monday) and finish your socks before March 1st. 

Post your cast on and FO images in the Ravelry group and have a chat along with us all whilst doing so :)

You can also share your images along on Instagram with the Hashtag #sockalong2016 and / or #marigoldsloft

I can't wait to see what pair you will be knitting!

You can find out more about the Sock-Along HERE

Have a great rest of your Wednesday.
See you soon

 (Do come back on Friday and share your FOs with us all - I have one to share with you too this week ;))


  1. Lovely yarn! I especially love the first one of grey/brown shade, such a classic color! Enjoy you projects!

    1. Hi Alina,
      Yes, I too love the grey yarn, It is also incredibly lovely to work with which is also a huge bonus :)
      Thanks so much for visiting.

  2. Ah! I will have to think on this! I would love to do it but I've never knit a pair of socks!

    1. Hi Amanda,
      I would love it if you joined in.
      I shared a post a while ago on some Great Beginner Sock Patterns. I hope those will motivate you to join us. I am also always willing to help you where I can if you come unstuck :)
      Thanks for visiting.

  3. I do like those Interim socks. Love those stripes!

    1. Hi Donna,
      They are quite original looking aren't they ;)
      Thanks so much for visiting


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