Monday 11 January 2016

Successful Discoveries

Last Monday I was telling you about my mission to find some local hand-dyed sock yarn and I have been successful!

This gorgeous yumminess was delivered to me last Wednesday....


I can't tell you how gorgeous these skeins of yarn are, they look good in the image but in real life they are divine!

These have been lovingly dyed by Anjte @ Wunderwolle

I will have her over for a chat very soon and I can't wait to tell you more about this gorgeous yarn - it is almost too beautiful to use!

On Thursday I received some more locally dyed sock-yarn from Hobbywelt

Unfortunately this photo is over lit, but the colours are similar to the ones you see above.

It is amazing what a label can do for yarn though don't you think?
As much as I find these really nice skeins of sock yarn they seem a little less professional than the ones above them.

Because they have no label I have no way of entering these into my stash on Ravelry and I couldn't re-order these skeins even if I wanted to - pity that.

These lovely skeins of sock yarn I have had a while longer and they are from Rita @ Spinnwebstube.

The yellow one should look a little familiar, it is what I am using to knit my pair of Jaywalker socks with at the moment.

I am really enjoying using this yarn, it is wonderfully dyed, and is really great to knit with.

I bought a trial sock subscription from Rita last year and these are the skeins that came for the Autumn collection.

Needless to say I have since signed up again for another subscription as I just love that idea!

I will be chatting with Rita in February so do come back for that.

I have also managed to find some rainbow coloured locally dyed yarn that hasn't arrived just yet, but once it does I will be sure to inform you.

I did dip into another country to see what else is out there and managed to get myself a skein of Wollmeise Twin

This too is another gorgeous yarn. 

By the look of the website the yarn is obviously well liked (is that an understatement?) as most of their yarns are "currently unavailable" and your basket empties itself after 9 minutes if you linger and forget :D - that was a first for me.

To be quite honest I do prefer to be able to order the colourways I see and not have to keep checking if the skein I want is eventually back on the market, so I think I will be sticking with local, smaller companies that have stock of what is on their website.

That said I may totally fall in love with Wollmeise once I am using it and find myself returning to their page like someone on cold turkey, refreshing to see if anything has changed ;)

Only time will tell!

Okay I must edit here - I have been stroking my Wollmeise (from here on in will be referred to as "My Precious") nearly the whole weekend - what is wrong with me?!

Oh boy am I going to have fun over the next while :)

Which hand-dyed yarns are your favourite?

I would love to hear from you.
Even better, I have a thread in the Ravelry Group especially for favourite sock yarns, why not com on over there and share it with pictures :)

See you soon.

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