Sunday 3 January 2016

Let's Talk Sock Yarns!

With this year's Sock-Along under way I have been perusing the net for some great fingering/sock yarns.

Until now my go-to fingering weight yarn has been Drops Fabel which is a super yarn to knit with. It comes in a variety of solid colours as well as a great combination of variegated yarns.

The only problem is, there are only so many colours in the assortment, and I want to have yarns that scream "Unique".

I love the element of surprise when knitting socks!
That moment when the yarn starts to show you it's secret colouring formations and patterns.

Understandably I won't be getting that from a production run yarn, I get that.

But what I am realizing I don't like is:

 I don't like seeing exactly what my socks are going to look like when I go onto the various pattern project pages in Ravelry (because so many people have already knit that pattern in exactly my colour), it takes all the butterfly excitement away from starting the project for me.

Again, understandably, when you are looking for a great, affordable quality yarn then you will come across the production line yarns like Drops or Regia and this is totally okay, it is a definite positive to see how the pattern you are wanting to knit will turn out with your yarn!

Until now this has been totally satisfactory for me - until now.

I have had an itching to branch out for a while now, to fish in the handmade, indie dyed pond.

The problem is I am finding limited resources for indie-dyed sock yarn. (In Europe, especially Switzerland)

I have found quite a couple of fingering weight, gorgeous fingering weight, hanks of yarn, but none of them are superwash and almost all of them have some gorgeous silky yarn included. 

This is great - for shawls etc, but I somehow feel silks are a waste on footwear!

They get so much wear and tear that I would be horrified if my gorgeous silky socks got holes!

So I am appealing to you readers out there (especially you closer to home)

Will you tell me what your best hand-dyed, go-to sock yarn is?

Come and join me in the discussion over on Ravelry, share your photos and experiences.

I am especially appealing to you indie-dyers in Europe - do you think you have the yarn for me? 

I would love to hear from you all.

I wish you all a great start in the New Year.


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