Tuesday 2 August 2011

Imbolc 1st/ 2nd August 2011

Happy Imbolc one and all. I would find it interesting to hear from you southern hemisphere farmers if your sheep start to give birth today or tomorrow. I know when living in Switzerland, my father-in-laws’ sheep would give birth like clockwork starting on the 2nd February so I would be very interested to see if it happens in the South as well on Imbolc.

For those of you who do not know what Imbolc/Candlemas is, here is a bit of information regarding this fire festival.

Imbolc is the festival of light, the beginning of spring. Generally many candles are lit on this festival, to welcome the light back and to encourage the sun to shine brighter and more powerful than the last couple of months.

We like to make candles at this time of the year. I have already showed you how to make egg-candles, and today I will share with you how to make a Sand Candle. If you are like me, and you are addicted to watching candles burn, this could become your favourite festival J

The goddess revered at Imbolc is the maiden, Brighid (Vesta – Goddess of the hearth), the maiden of the fire.

This is the time of the year where a spring cleaning is in order. To get ready for the new beginnings. Empty your spaces, declutter your home, allow for new energies to enter your space. This is the time for you to state what you would like to achieve over the next couple of months.

Herbs that are great for Imbolc: Chamomile, Rosemary, Angelica, Basil, Bay Laurel, Blackberry, Celandine, Coltsfoot, Heather, Iris, Myrrh, Tansy, Violets, and all white or yellow flowers. 

Colours for Imbolc: Brown,White, Pink, Red, Yellow, light Green 

Symbols for Imbolc: White Flowers, Candle Wheels, Brighid's Crosses

Our meal for this Imbolc: Potato and Leek soup, Welsh Rarebit with some mulled wine.

We will have a wonderful cup of chamomile tea to round off the meal.

I wish you all a fantastic Imbolc, may the light be with you all


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