Wednesday 10 August 2011

My Path with the Law of Attraction – Part 2 – Feeling the Emotion

.....After discovering that I don’t always have to be in complete control of everything all the time, especially when it comes to my wants that are up on my vision board, I decided that I really needed to give the Law a chance. But as I said before in the first part, whenever I tried to focus on what I wanted, I found it difficult to decide which emotion I was supposed to use to bring my wishes that much closer to myself.

Rhonda Byrnes’ second book “The Power” made this a much easier task. The Power teaches you that “All you need is love…..” and everything that you want is stuff that you love. It also reminded me that if I want to receive anything I must also give of myself freely. This is almost the best part. I love the way I feel when I can give of myself. I don’t always give of myself financially, but I try to give of myself each day in some way, if not by donating to some cause, and by some cause I mean whoever or whatever I think needs my help, then I try to offer of my time. I find that I feel so much more enriched if I can give something of myself each day. And by give I don’t mean force myself or my influence on anyone or anything!

Emotions, are the easy guide to know if you are on track to your dreams or not. If you feel good, happy and free – you are on track. If you feel bad, fearful (that’s a big one for me), sad or mad you are heading in a tangent to where you originally wanted to go.

You know that feeling, it comes to the end of the month and you still have a little money left over to see yourself comfortably to the next month? This is the month where more money will show itself in your life unexpectedly. Not only money, but opportunities will make themselves available to you, and you will generally find that you will have more and more to be grateful for. I think it is merely a result of being carefree, because you have enough, you manage to attract more into your reality.

I guess you also have felt the feeling when you get to the end of the month and find that you have to turn each coin to get the most out of what you have to survive for the month? That is the month where unexpected bills find their way into your life, where your financial situation goes from being tight to not being able to move. These are the months where I become fearful, and that’s not a good thing. Fear as a frequency is the lowest available and can only pull with it, situations and things to match, so the more I clutch onto my wallet, the worse things get. This is the time I should find something to give my money to…….let the money start to flow again and then it will also start to flow back towards me.

Because I am slowly starting to understand this on a physical level and not just the mental level, I am becoming able to lighten up at the end of the month, regardless of the situation. I can honestly say that no matter how bad things have gotten for me from month to month, the universe has yet not made sure that I have been able to provide food on the table, as well as all the necessities that have arisen during this time. So knowing that all will be provided for has helped me to relax about money and to not constantly focus on the lack thereof!

Ok, so I have covered love, but there is an attitude that needs to become a part of you completely – GRATITUDE.

I try and find things that I am grateful for everyday. The principle is this, the more you have to be grateful about, the more you will have to be grateful about – get it? And by being grateful I mean FEELING grateful. It is easy to list the things you are really grateful about but to feel grateful was something I had to work on. It is not that I am not genuinely grateful, but I lacked in the emotion –Gratitude, feeling grateful is not the same for me as being grateful if that makes sense? So I started to list things that I once again could feel, things that really moved me.

So now I have explained how important it is to FEEL emotions when working with the law of attraction. In Part 3 – I will discuss Putting it all together.

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