Saturday 27 August 2011

My Path with the Law of Attraction Diary – Day 6

Oh my word, you know when you have those “coincidences” happen? I probably would have brushed them aside as usual had I not been writing this diary…….Today in one foul swoop I sold 8 products.

Now I know that I said I wanted to sell 10 products through my Etsy store, and these sales were not through my Etsy store, but hey, I am not complaining. A sale is a sale and it adds towards my total unexpected income bringing in another R350. So far that makes a grand total of R530 unexpected income thus far!!!!

Still having a problem focusing on the ADSL internet for at home, but then to be quite honest, although I wrote these things down 6 days ago, I find that when I meditate I find myself focusing more on my long-term goals than the ones I have written down. The strange thing is, the ones written down have all but been forgotten, and  are still happening……so the questions begs to be asked, is it enough to just put your intentions into the words you write?

To add another element of surprise to my amazing end to this week, I think I have found a way that could ultimately help me work from home as a stay at home mom – WOOOOHOOOOO, will keep you updated on that front.

To be quite honest this experiment started off as quite a difficult task, but today it has proven to be quite rewarding. I look forward to see how the next 24 days develop…..x

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