Thursday 25 August 2011

My Law of Attraction Diary - Day 4

I love reading “The Science of Getting Rich”. It is such a basic book on the principles of the law of attraction and Wattle manages to describe the steps needed to manifest things that ou want in your life perfectly. He writes in plain English and if you consider that his book is written somewhere around 1910 it must have been considered very revolutionary for his day.

According to Wattle, what we need to do to manifest anything we desire is to:
-         Have a clear image of what it is we want to manifest.
-         You need to only focus on the positive events. Focusing on things like poverty, disease and misfortune will only draw those closer to yourself.
-         To manifest success you need to create successful days. Everything that you do on a daily basis needs to be done completely with the aim of success. every little task should be given your undivided attention and you should go to bed feeling as if you have had a successful day and you have accomplished all that you set out to do.
-         Live by the principle “ Do not put off tomorrow what you can do today:
-         The more “little” successes you have the more you will welcome success into your life and the easier it is to manifest what you want.

I am finding that the more I meditate, the more I can “FEEL” the manifestation of my desires.

I am learning to give of myself completely, where before I might have done jobs and chores half-heartedly; I am now enjoying the challenging tasks at hand and turning them into a positive experience.

I try to keep my desires at the forefront of my mind and when I focus on them at the end of the day, do so with excitement and great anticipation.

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