Friday 26 August 2011

My Law of Attraction Diary - Day 5

Writing this diary at this point of the month is proving to be rather trying, as it is the time of the month when my financial resources start to become depleted and it takes a lot of effort to remain positive and believing. 

The experiment itself is forcing me to remain positive as I want to give myself a well tried effort at manifesting all that I planned to at the beginning of this diary.

What I am finding rather difficult, but this is my usual problem, it to remain focused on what I originally set out to manifest and not to go changing the things that I want to bring into my life. This for me is, and has been the biggest hurdle. I find myself having to read and re-read Day 1 so that I can remember what it is I wanted to manifest :-(

I am finding my daily meditations to be very helpful in visualizing what I want to manifest, but again, I find myself focusing more on my long term manifestations/wishes instead of the short term ones. 

I have managed to manifest an affordable, brand new family car, which is AMAZING. Given it is not one of the short term goals, but a new car was definitely a long-term goal. It is not the car sitting pinned to my vision board but it is a great, reliable car, and is something that I think is better suited for my family at this given moment, so it is definitely a successful endeavor.x

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