Wednesday 3 August 2011

New Product Available - Kidney and Bladder Tea

Are you tired of suffering from continual Urinary Tract Infections? 
Tired of swallowing chemical after chemical to ease the pain?

I created this herbal blend to ease discomfort and get rid of bladder and kidney infections.

How to make: Add 1 teaspoon of tea per cup to boiling water. Allow to draw for 5-8 minutes. Strain and add honey if desired. Makes between 12-14 teas. Drink 3 - 4 cups a day or more if necessary until symptoms disappear.

Disclaimer: This tea does not replace medical intervention and you should visit your health care professional should your symptoms persist or get worse.

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Ingredients: Taraxacum officinale, Urtica dioica, Agathosma betulina, Camellia sinensis, Equisetum arvense L.

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