Sunday 10 February 2013

Filofaxiness - Personal Classic

I was browsing through our local online bidding forum here and I thought that just for fun I would search for Filofax.

It has never spit out any results previously on this topic so I thought the chances would be pretty slim to find anything.

Well, Lo and Behold, I found a couple of entries.
So what was there to do but Bid!
And I won :)
This is what I got hold of:

A Filofax Classic Personal size - and for almost next to nothing!!

Up until now I didn't think I would really fancy the personal size and never really gave them a second thought. 

I LOVE this size, I could see this being the perfect Handbag-Companion :)

Now, that being said, I am not so in love with the Classic.
Don't get me wrong, it is a really nice Filofax, but just not me.....know what I mean?

I am dreaming of getting my hands on a Baroque Personal - anyone got one that they will willingly part with?

Anyway, I am sidetracking now.....Baroque......

Back to the Classic.

Given that the planner is second hand, I am really quite impressed with it.
It did come with a couple of scuffs from use, but all in all it seems to have been well used and looked after.

On the front it has a crease from use I am guessing, but I think that maybe a good massage with some Dubbin (Leather wax) should do the trick.

Inside looks really good, I like the layout.
On the front sleeve it has some card slots and a bigger slot behind those.

On the back sleeve it has a zip pocket and a pen tab.

The planner came with the usual tabs, the today ruler, 2 plastic card holders and a zipper clear folder.
My bid also came with stacks of notepaper, and.....

 A compact punch! I am so glad, I always wanted to try these out :)

This classic Filofax has been given to hubby who was looking for something to keep his goodies together in and I think this size will suit him well. In the meantime I still am on the lookout for the Baroque that is meant to be mine ;)

I did manage to win another auction and am waiting for my parcel to arrive. 
I will let you in on my other winnings next weekend.
Have a great week ahead.

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