Tuesday 26 February 2013

Guest Post - Creating a Dinosaur themed party

Today I am thrilled to have Gemma over for a guest post.
Thank you so much for contributing :)

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Boys love dinosaurs so here are a few tips for your next dinosaur themed party. Dinosaurs related to characters can include sonic the hedgehog as he is like a miniature dinosaur. So once you have purchased your themed party decorations and table ware the next thing you need to do is look for a venue. A venue can be your home if you have enough space or a community hall or local play centre.

Here are some tips for activities and entertainment:
  • Once the kids enter the door they need to take off their shoes, then you will have laid out some green, blue, purple and orange paints and some tissue boxes (the long rectangle ones) so the kids can paint and decorate the boxes to look like dinosaur feet.
    Pre-cut some body shapes, dinosaur tails, long necks for the dinosaur and small triangles for the back humps and either using glue or split pins depending on the age of the kids get each child to create a dinosaur. Have a pre-made one so the kids can see what to do and then finish off with colouring and crayons.
  • Dinosaur cookies – Each child gets some cookie batter, rolling pin and dinosaur shape cutters and they each make a couple of dinosaur cookies and decorate with icing and other cake decorations.
  • Bone Hunt – Pretty much like a treasure hunt where the kids collect bones by following clues. You can make it more special by giving the kids binoculars and spy glasses. Or you could have a bone hunt in a sandpit where kids have to dig for the bones pretty much like a treasure chest!
For the party food, the theme for decorations should be pre-historical all greens, blues and dark brown colours. Great food for this party should be finger foods, cheesy balls for crisps as these are like rocks or golden nuggets. Party favours should include a dinosaur, maybe a toy dinosaur or pre-historic themed stickers and pencils. They can also take home their dinosaur feet and dinosaur creations.

Article written by Gemma Dawson, mum of 3 who runs a company selling charlie and lola party supplies and loves giving party inspiration.
Images from Creative Commons

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