Tuesday 19 February 2013

Guest Post / Creating A Memory Wire Bracelet

Today I have the pleasure of having Zoe over to tell us how to create this wonderful Memory Bracelet.
Thank you so much for contributing.

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Jewelry making is a highly popular hobby and people all around the world take part in it. Some find it a great way to relax and unwind and will carry it out purely for enjoyment, others however have turned it into a business and like to sell their creations. Some people like to make bespoke pieces so show off designs that they can make ad then will go away and create something using colours and certain beads that the customer desires. 

 Any age and skill level can take part in this fun hobby, I never had a go at it before but decided one rainy day when stuck indoors that I would give it a go. I like being creative so thought it would be a good way to spend an afternoon. I managed to create a really simple memory wire bracelet using my favourite colour, pink and also orange beads which I thought completed it well. These bright colours are perfect for summer, and here is how to make it: 

Before everything else you need to buy or check that you have the right equipment, the essentials to create this bracelet are: 

  •  Memory wire 
  •  A selection of beads
  •  Heavy duty wire cutters
  •  Round nose pliers 
  •  Chain nose pliers 

 You will need each of these to complete your project, and the great thing about jewelry making is that once you have bought your pliers and cutters you can use them again and again. 

Now onto the step by step guide: 

 1. First you need to estimate how much wire you will need. This will depend on how many loops you would like, for my creation I wanted 4 loops, but you can choose as few or as many as you like, always cut the wire with a little excess. Be careful when handling the wire because you do not want to bend or misshape it.

 2. Next you need to create a simple loop. Of course if you are new to this it won’t be so simple to begin with so possibly practice on a scrap bit of wire before attempting it with the real thing! 

 3. For the loop you will need your round nosed pliers, make sure you have a springy pair as they will be more comfortable to use. Also choose some with a thin nose so you have the option to create small loops. 

 4. To start the loop take the chain nose pliers and bend the wire to a 90 degree angle. 

 5. Next take the round nose pliers and wrap the wire around the nose carefully. Cut off any excess wire if necessary 

 6. The next part is the fun bit where you can thread on the beads! You might want to take a handful of beads and arrange them in a pattern you would like. This can be quite tricky to judge how many you will need but you can easily take beads off an start again. If you want to buy an extra bit of a kit, bead boards are great tools for laying out your designs to be more accurate. 

 Once you have strung your design along the wire, leave a gap at the end so you can repeat the steps and create another loop so the beads don’t fall off. 

Zoe Robinson is an enthusiastic writer in the subject matter of beads and jewelry making. The websites recommended by Zoe Robinson have been thoroughly researched and come highly acclaimed from direct experience. Take a look at a selection of beads so you can create a similar bracelet today.

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