Saturday 2 February 2013

Vote for Book 2

The choices for Book 2 are out and ready for your vote :)
I have attached the Poll vote for Book 2 in the left side bar (scroll down to the Book-Club button, it is below that :)).
You can also vote on the book of your choice HERE
The Poll will close on the 10th February 2013
Good Luck, hope your Book Wins!


  1. Hi Natalie
    Sorry I haven't been very present in the discussions of The Light Between Oceans. Something came up that needed a lot of my attention.
    Have finished the book, it was fantastic! My heart broke for everyone of the characters!
    I won't be participating in Book 2 as I have a bit of research to do that will be taking preference over my leisure reading for a time.
    Enjoy which ever book you choose.
    Have a good weekend, snowing here!

    1. Hi Emma,
      No problem :)
      If you would like to vote anyway it would be nice, the books that get read in the book-club get their own discussions in the forum, so even if you wanted to read it at a later date, you can still take part in the discussions.
      Good luck with your research.
      Have a super weekend
      P.S. also snowing here today, at last, I don't think it will stick around though, still too warm :(

  2. I'm on page 60 of The Light Between Oceans. What a wonderful book so far. I might skip the next one as I am quite slow ... Have a nice weekend. Regula

    1. Hi Regula,
      It is a great book, I thoroughly enjoyed it :)
      Hope to see you for Book 3 perhaps?
      You can still vote if you would like, all votes are welcome.
      Like I said to Emma, if you want to read the selections at a later date, the discussions will be left in the forum for your convenience.
      Keep warm :)


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