Monday 3 June 2013

Creative Ideas To Wrap And Package Your Product - A Guest Post

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Purchasing a gift can be a daunting task. You must go out and find the perfect item for your loved one. Then the trick is to wrap it up for the festive occasion. If you are tired of the same plain gift wrap ideas, there are some new funky and fresh ways you can make your gift wrap almost as sensational as the gift itself. Retailers are also noticing the correlation between consumer and creative luxury packaging for their products. Packaging and wrapping that is bright and unique makes the consumer or recipient happy and excited to be receiving the item. Here are just a couple of ideas to get you started.

Newsprint and Flowers

TheGreetingCardShop.comWhat better and more unique way to dress up a gift than to use something that is already at your home. Newsprint is a great idea to use for wrapping a gift. Go through your newspaper and find a sheet with interesting colours or pictures and use that as the focal point of your gift. The funny paper is also a good idea if you want bright colours. The flowers add an extra touch of pizzazz and can also be made from newsprint. You can make a newsprint bow or a newsprint flower. To make the newsprint flower, cut a circle out of the newspaper. Cut the circle in a spiral fashion starting at the outer edge. Once it is cut into a spiral, you should roll your flower by starting at the outside edge and coiling tightly. Continue until you reach the centre and you have a tightly coiled flower. Release it so the flower can relax then glue the centre of the flower to hold it together.

Glitter and Burlap

Glitter and burlap may not seem to go together when you are coming up with luxury packaging for your products, but amazingly it does. Burlap is becoming more popular because you can choose to wrap your gift in a burlap bag or in burlap cloth. Either one can be very creative because it is a blank canvas that you can decorate. Consider using a coloured stamp to stamp a lovely design on the burlap. Add a pretty glitter ribbon for sparkle. Wrapping your package in burlap cloth and then using a strip of silver material around the middle of the box is a great wrapping suggestion also. You can use white jute ribbon to tie the strip on and then finish the design with a creative gift tag.

Luxury Gift Wrap

TheGreetingCardShop.comMany people have already discovered the use of luxury reusable gift wrap to wrap a present. This type of gift wrap is much heavier than regular store bought gift wrap. The wrap is made out of fabric so it can be used over and over again. The investment may be a little more in the beginning, but you will get your money’s worth when the recipient is able to reuse the wrap at another time and not have to go out and purchase paper wrap. If you aren’t keen on going out and purchasing luxury reusable gift wrap, you can use fabric that you have at home. Bright colours and patterns are the perfect complement for luxury packaging for your products. You may also find scraps of fabric at your local craft store that can be matched with a complimentary ribbon to create a fresh and funky gift wrap.  Get even more interesting by adding some vintage style to it with a pretty lace ribbon or vintage charm added to the bow. Top it off with a handmade gift tag.

Jess Toogood is a writer who believes that luxury packaging for your products or a gift doesn’t have to cost a fortune. She recommends learning creative and simple ways of wrapping a present to save money and create the same desired effect.

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