Wednesday 5 June 2013

Warm Wednesdays At Last!

A warm Wednesday - finally, I thought this would not happen and am grateful for every little drop of sunshine!
What is the weather like on your side of the globe?

Today I have been really busy - much like my new bees :) Yes, I have my own colony as of this morning - I am thrilled and look forward to being able to have many a wondrous hour looking after them. (You can read more about that and our garden growth on Holistic Homesteading!)

I have been knitting up a storm over our dreary weekend which turned out to be perfect knitting weather. I am so loving this new pattern - which is not what I expected at all! I thought I was going to dread it and that it would be fighting all along the way, but that is not the case! Even knitting on size 3mm needles doesn't seem to be bothering me!
And the yarn is wonderful, alpaca and mulberry silk - a real treat!!

Drops Baby Silk

I am loving the stitch pattern I am busy with right now - what do you think?

Drops Cleo

Talking of stitch patterns - are you interested in joining us for our first Knitting Madness Video Hangout?

It is going to be a very unique event, we are all going to chat about different stitch patterns that we have tried, the pros and cons of each stitch etc. Lots of wooly information :)

I still have 2 - 3 places left, so if you are interested in taking part in this video chat, you need to act quickly. It is a free event, all you need to take part is a Google+ Profile, time, and interest in learning some new stitches and wanting to meet others who also want the same!

To find out more and book your spot today go HERE

Reading wise - Still busy on the same title as last week, not sure if this story is right for me, will get to the end and let you know my thoughts.

Don't forget to come by tomorrow and link up your weeks creative endeavors on Tutorial Thursdays Linky Party  I would love to see what you have been up to.

Have a great rest of your week.
See you soon
P.S: I will be linking up with Tami, Nicole and Ginny today.

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