Friday 28 June 2013

Book Review - The Colour Of Tea

The Colour of Tea
ISBN: 9781451682823

What a wonderful book this was. I really enjoyed this title, it was a super easy read, but delightful at the same time.

A perfect story about enduring female friendships going way over the culture barrier.

I tend to judge a book on the amount of time I want to spend reading it, and if I find that I am packing my latest read into my bag to make sure I have it with me in-case I have a couple of minutes to read en-route to my next destination - more points in favour of that title :). 
This was once such book, making for some very pleasant reading time!

I definitely shed a tear or two with this title, and found it an overall, touching and relatable story. 

Whilst reading the book, I was overcome with the ambition to create a batch of macaroons, to try them, and taste them and eventually I did manage to get my hands on a delightfully easy recipe. I will be trying them out over the weekend and will let you know the results of my attempt next week.

The ending, although expected, did have me turning back the pages to find out if I had mistakenly turned too many pages and missed a bit of the story as it did somehow just happen without any real explanation as to the hows and the whys, which was a bit of a shame.

If you are looking for a fantastic, touching story this is one for you.

I award this book:
4 Owls
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