Monday 1 July 2013

Welcome to my lovely July Sponsors :)

I would like to extend a wonderful warm welcome to my July Sponsors - Snapsterprint.
Snapster Print

This wonderful company is a great place to go to for all your Personalized Party needs, whether it be personalized party invitations and/or gifts, or if you are planning to host a Themed Party needing specific themed party supplies.

Snapsterprint offered me a wonderful opportunity to create my own party supplies for an upcoming Halloween party (well, with the speed time is flying by at it is kinda upcoming!!) that we are planning for the girls as a combined birthday party, which I now can't wait to get going :)

I will be sharing my super cool goodies I received from Snapsterprint with you all tomorrow, you won't want to miss it! You want to know why?

The lovely Snapsterprint team are offering you all a fabulous Giveaway opportunity on Marigolds' Loft this week. 

Tomorrow you will be able to win yourself a personalized SnapParty Theme Pack! 

How awesome is that?

Excited? I would be :)

See you tomorrow!

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