Thursday 11 July 2013

Tutorial Thursdays Linky Party - Picot Edge Cuffs - Guest Post

Welcome back to Tutorial Thursdays Linky Party.

Today I would like to welcome my wonderful guest blogger Jo over to show you how to create a wonderful Picot edge.

How to Knit a Cuffed Edge Tutorial for Marigold's Loft

by Jo Doran:

A knitted cuff has such a finished and professional look to it, and it's not difficult to do. Below are directions for knitting a cuffed edge for a sock, gloves, etc.

Using Two Sizes of Needles
The trick to making a knitted cuff edge is to use two sizes of needles: Use one smaller size to cast on than you would use to knit the sock. So, if I was going to use a size one needle to knit a pair of socks, I would use a size zero needle to begin.

Turning Edge
Cast on as many stitches as required by your pattern. My pattern called for 62 stitches. Knit for as many rows as you want for the size cuff you want. Once you reach the point where you think this is as deep as I want the cuff to be you will need to create a turning edge. This can be done using a picot edge  where you knit 2 together, yarn over, and repeat . . .
or where you purl a row. This turning edge will allow the cuff to lay flat. You can see, from the picture just below, that the picot edge creates holes.

Picot Edge: K2 tog, YO, cont.
   How Each Edge Looks 

picot edge how-to
Making Edges Meet
Once you have knitted a turning edge, begin knitting with the larger size needles, if you have not done so already.

As you knit, keep checking for depth size by folding over at the turning edge. You want to make sure that the edges meet exactly. At this point, you need to combine both the cast-on edge and the current edge.

There is a trick to this: as you want to make sure you do not offset the stitches and end up with a slanted cuff. This is exactly what I did the first time I created a knitted cuff edge (see photo just below):        

  There are three ways of knitting both edges together:

 1.      Pick up all the cast-on stitches with the smaller needle. Then fold over so you are knitting with two needles, one on each edge. This is cumbersome to turn, but once turned, it is a very easy way to knit the two edges together. Again, make sure you line up the stitches vertically.

picot edge how-to

  2.     Catch one back stitch at a time and place onto the left needle. Then knit two together: You will be knitting the stitch on the back edge that you placed onto the needle and the stitch on the edge with the needle.

3.     Knit the stitches on your needle, one at a time, and catch the stitch exactly behind the stitch on the needle. This can be a bit frustrating, as there is no way to secure the stitch in back

Knit approximately five stitches, and then check to see that you haven't begun a slant on the cuff. If you have, go back and start over catching the back stitch and placing it on the left needle.
Continue Knitting

Inside View 
cuff edge

 Please check out my site,, for more instructions on how to knit a cuff edge and for free patterns and more!

Jo's Bio: I'm a self-taught knitter, crocheter, quilter, etc. Like Virginia Woolf says, as  she writes about the importance of weaving things together to make sense, I have to knit every night to still my mind. I usually knit socks for others, sometimes fingerless gloves, hats, chemo hats, and whatever anyone wants. :-)
I am defending my doctoral dissertation from and should graduate this August with a PhD in Rhetoric & Composition and ESL. I just received a full-time job as an ESL Coordinator at Northern Michigan University. I have five children, three grandchildren, and five great nieces/nephews that I count as close as grandchildren. I live on the most beautiful lake in the U.S.: Lake Superior.

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