Thursday 4 July 2013

Tutorial Thursdays Linky Party - Frosted Vases

Welcome back to Tutorial Thursdays Linky Party.

Today I want to show you how to create this Frosted Vase.

frosted vase

For this craft I used:

A Vase
Gonis Decor* (A universal paint)
DecoFrost* (A lack which frosts glass)
A Sponge
DecoPointers* (Unique pens to create the finishing touches.)
Masking tape

*I use Gonis Products as I am a distributor of these fabulous craft products.
If you cannot find these products in your vicinity you will have to substitute them, hence the descriptions in brackets. If you have questions regarding these products, please contact me.

Gonis Decor

1. Using masking tape mark off the edge of the "frosting section"
2. Blend the DecoFrost* with some of the Gonis Decor* to give it a pale purple tint.
3. Using the sponge, mix the two paints together until you have lots of bubbles.

Frosting Vases DIY

4. Apply the DecoFrost mix to the vase by dabbing the sponge over the prefered section.
5. Repeat on the other side and allow to dry.

Gonis DecoFrost

6. Once dry apply Dekopointer to the edge of the Frosting to give it a wonderful, clean finish.
7. Allow to Dry.

Gonis DekoPointer

Once dry, allow your vase to accentuate any surface of your home :)



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The link with the most votes last week was:

String Tote Bag Pattern

This lovely String Tote Bag Pattern by Linda @ Linda's Crafty Corner

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful tutorial with us Linda, I will be trying this pattern out in the near future :)

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Marigolds' Loft

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