Wednesday 3 July 2013

Working on Crochet

Stash busting 2013

This week I have been spending my time working on my scrap blanket and am loving how the colours are coming together. I am enjoying this project so much I have placed my Cleo on hold so that I can finish up this blanket first :)

I am making a blanket for our double bed so it is going to take a while, but wow, I can't wait to see how much stash it uses up!

stash-busting blanket

Reading wise: I am still reading Dan Brown, I must say that this is the longest time I have ever spent reading a title of his, but it is also maybe the fact that the girls are on the summer break and so I am spending my time doing stuff with them when I am at home.

My Mom-in-laws Bathroom (she lives below us), is being renovated so we have no warm water since Monday :( and in these "High" (tongue in cheek) summer temperatures, it is getting very hard to wash my hair with this freezing water!

It all brings back a very vivid South African experience of no water for ages, but at least there the temperatures were agreeable!

How has your week been?
What have you been up to WIP wise?

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I am sharing this post over at Tamis and Ginny today.

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