Sunday 28 July 2013

Knitting Madness in August

Knitting Madness Video

Oh wow, another great event, thank you so much to Christine and Barbie Jean for the great time.
This month we chatted about the yarns which we frequently use and what it is we like about them. We also discussed where we buy them etc. To be able to spend an hour or so with such wonderful company is always so enriching :)

knitting madness hangout
A screenshot (trying to help Barbie get set up :))

Christine has some awesome images on her blog :)

The next date has been set and I am hoping you will be taking part?

At the next hangout we will discuss Needles! 

That's right your favourite tools of the trade! 

To take part all you need to do is have a Google Profile and secure your spot HERE.

Be sure to bring your needles with you to the hangout so that you can tell us all about why you love them most.
(This month there will be no form to fill out, but please bring all relevant info about your needles with you - sizes available, where to buy etc.)

When will it take place?
Friday 23rd August

What time?
9:00pm CEST (3:00pm EDT)

In the Google Hangout.

The Hangout will be recorded so if you can't take part but would like to see what goes on inside of them, you can catch up :)

Hope to see you there!

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