Wednesday 10 July 2013


Granny squares

This week I don't have much to share with you, and as I am still on holiday - I have been busy making preserves etc. (You can read all about it HERE). 

I have managed to do a couple more rounds on the scrap blanket of mine.

It is now around 64cm which is amazing!

stash buster blanket

I am soon running out of coloured scrap yarn, and then I will progress onto the beige yarn I ordered for hubby's pullover but he didn't like the colour so we changed it. I am hoping that those balls will be just enough to make the blanket big enough for our double bed!

All you yarnies out there, will you be joining us for this month's Knitting Madness Hangout?

This month's topic is "Yarn Lurv" and we will be discussing favourite yarns.

There are still quite a number of spots available and I would love to have a couple more of you spend some time with us. It is really exciting to put names to faces and voices which is something we don't usually get to do!

If you would like to join in this video chat, sign up for your spot HERE 

Do come and join us tomorrow for a craft tutorial from my lovely guest blogger Jo. It will be a knitting tutorial this week and I can't wait to share it with you all!

Talking of Tutorial Thursdays, I would love it if you voted for your favourite link from last week, as that link will be featured tomorrow also. You can place your vote HERE (Voting ends in 5 hours)

Reading wise: Still on the Dan Brown - amazing that it is taking so long!

How has your week been?

I will be sharing over at Tamis and Ginny and Frontier Dreams today.

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