Thursday 25 July 2013

One-Of-A-Kind Flowers - A Tutorial Linky Party

one of a kind flowers tutorial

Welcome back to Tutorial Thursdays Linky Party.
Today I am going to show you how to create these awesome looking flowers for an eye-catching vase deco.

This is another craft I was shown by a wonderfully creative swiss lady - Thank you Esther :) As they are so wonderfully simple to create, I am sharing this craft with you all here today.

To make these easy flowers you will need:

styrofaom ball flowers

A Styrofaom ball for each flower
A packet of ear buds
A kebab stick to use for the stem and one extra to make the holes for the ear buds.
Gonis Decor* (A universal paint to be used on all surfaces)

*I use Gonis products as I am a distributor of these amazing craft products. If you can't find these products in your vicinity you will have to substitute them hence the descriptions in brackets.

one of a kind flowers diy

1. Cut your ear buds in half, stick one kebab stick in your Styrofoam ball and paint the ball should you wish your flower to have a colourful inside :)

styrofaom ball flowers

2. Once the ball is dry, use the other kebab stick to make individual holes for the single ear buds - don't push it in too deep, you can always push it in deeper later if necessary. 

If you have coloured the ball I suggest that you don't make too many holes at once, as you may not find them anymore. You can of course just push the ear buds in by themselves, but I found this to be very strenuous work and not as easy as it seems!

3. Test the depth of one or two holes with an ear bud.

4,5. In a lid, add some Gonis Decor* and water. Dip each tip into the paint mix and then stick in the predestined hole on the ball. Don't let it suck up too much paint, as it gives quite  nice effect if they are only partially dunked.

ear bud flowers crafts diy

Once completed, stand in a vase to dry.

Arrange in a vase and admire! :)

tutorial thursdays crafts flowers

And now the winner of last weeks Linky Party Vote is.......

This awesome jewelry tutorial by Katie @ The Crafty Blog Stalker

how to wrap a wire Head pin

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