Thursday 18 July 2013

Recycled Paper Flower Chains - Tutorial

Welcome back to Tutorial Thursdays on Marigolds' Loft.
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I have changed the rundown for the linky party a little to make it a little friendlier to you all.

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Thank you so much for all the amazing links form last week, I loved visiting each of them, so many awesome tutorials within the group, I love that, made my day :)

Okay, now onto today's easy tutorial - making paper chained flowers out of toilet rolls. 

A Gonis Distributor shared this amazingly cute craft with us all and so I have re-created it for you here today so that you can also try them out :)

For this craft you will need:

Paper chains

Empty Toilet rolls
Gonis Decor* (Universal paint) I used the neon colours
Rubbelcoll* (10 second craft glue)

toilet roll crafts

First, cut each toilet roll into 5 equal pieces and paint the outsides.

Paper flower chains

Once dry paint the insides in a contrasting colour.

Toilet roll crafts diy tutorials

After allowing to dry again, glue each of the 5 pieces together with the Rubbelcoll*
Once each individual flower is glued arrange them together and glue the petals together to create a simple, but eye-catching wall piece :)

Now it is your turn - Link your crafts below!

*I use Gonis Products as I am a distributor and appreciate there amazing versatility and quality. If you cannot find these products in your area, you will have to substitute them hence the descriptions in brackets.
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  1. thank you for hosting Natalie! I like your flower tuto!

  2. always great tutorial (inspire me)
    Thanks for party

  3. Hi Natalie
    That's very cute. I saw a christmas wreath made like this a while back with one main central flower and lot of others all around it.

  4. Hi Natalie,
    Your flower are so cute! What a great craft for kids to to learn about upcycling :)
    hope you're having an awesome day.
    Juggling Act Mama

  5. Thanks so much for hosting this great party!! I just got back from camping so only just linked up! Better late than never?! Some really great links and projects :-D Have a great week and thanks so much for including my DIY Bow Tie onesies on your Pinterest board :-)

    Hannah ♫
    Sew Lah Tea Dough

  6. What a great way to re-purpose otherwise useless materials! You've got it down to a science, I can tell...very impressive. Thanks for the inspiration and tutorial!

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