Wednesday 26 June 2013

Knitting, Crochet and Reading

wip yarn-along

Where is the time going?
I can't believe we are way over the halfway mark of this year, and I have just realized I have been working on this blog for just over two years!

I must be honest, I have been busy with other things over the last week like school projects, Eurythmy presentations, girlie stay-overs etc. and have been really enjoying the break.

I haven't been doing too much knitting or crochet either, but I have been reading and enjoying the brief moments of sunshine when we have had them!

My girls have their last week of school this week, again, I can't quite believe yet another school year is coming to an end, my girls are no longer babies, they are swiftly becoming fully fledged teenagers (who have quite a few mature moments - thank goodness :))

We still love the Steiner School experience and are so grateful that we had the option to go from homeschooling the girls to sending them to this wonderful institution!

Waldorf Steiner

Do you school Waldorf style, or do you have scholars at a Steiner school?
Actually, are there any Steiner parents out there who are have exchange programs at their schools?

The reason I ask is that Jas would be incredibly interested in doing an school exchange with a fellow Waldorfian in her 10th year - 2014/2015 and our school has told us we need to set up an exchange through our own initiative. If you would be interested in swapping children for a couple of months :), I would love to hear from you 
P.S: Your baby would need to have a basic understanding of german and know a little french to visit our school in Jas's place.

Anyway onto this weeks WIP:

drops baby silk

I don't have any completed Stash-Busting Projects finished this month :(
Not to worry, my Cleo is growing, albeit very slowly at the moment, I am just about to start on the sleeves, let's see if I can manage to get there by next week. I am still enjoying this project a lot, love the stitch pattern changes.

Talking of stitch patterns, I had a wonderful hangout last Friday with Christine, where we discussed stitch patterns. The next Knitting Madness Hangout has been planned, so do grab your spot today as there are only 10 spots available. At the end of this month we will be talking "Favourite Yarns", I would love to hear which yarn you will chat about :)

granny square
I managed to do a round or so of my scrap blanket, and am loving how the colours are combining :)

Reading Wise: I finished "The Colour of Tea" last week and have started on Dan Browns latest title "Inferno"

I can't wait to see what you have been up to this week, for more WIP projects do visit Tami and Ginny.

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