Wednesday 8 January 2014

Mystery KAL Part 2 :)

Knitting Madness Mystery KAL Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of the Mystery KAL on Marigolds' Loft :)

How is your project doing?
Are you having fun?
Did you encounter any problems so far?

Did you miss Part 1? You can find it HERE

Here is the clue for this week:
This week there is a small step for you to do :)


K2tog - Knit 2 together

K - Knit
pm - Pass marker
SSK - Slip, Slip, Knit

(All of these stitches are explained to you in a photo tutorial format HERE as well as in the video below)

mystery KAL - felting a bag how to

This pattern is no longer available on the blog.
You can purchase and download your packed pattern tutorial HERE

Place 3 markers around your needle, through your work, after the 23rd, 46th, 69th and your first marker -(which you placed at the start of your project to mark the beginning of the round) marks the last stitch. So all in all you will have 4 markers in your work.

Row 1: *Knit to 3 stitches before the first marker K2tog, K1, pm, K1, SSK*
*Repeat through the entire row, for all markers.
Row 2: Knit

Repeat row 1 and 2 five more times. 

44 stitches remain.

That is it for this week :)

As usual, please feel free to post your questions and comments below.
You are also welcome to join in the group discussion that is taking place in the Ravelry group.

Until next week.


  1. Wow, it is really coming along! My daughter would love the color you picked, its her favorite. This kind of makes me want to do a crochet along! Very exciting to see the progress as it grows. Thanks for sharing, Natalie!

    1. Thanks for visiting, I am glad you like it so far. It would be a good way to get into knitting if you don't knit already ;) and you still have time to join in the fun if you would like to?

  2. Hi Natalie, Happy New Year.
    Lovely color you are using. I've just signed up for a mystery kal over at Ysolda, it's all very exciting.

    1. Hi Emma,
      Thank you I wish you the same :) Hopefully this year we will manage to get together....
      Thanks for visiting


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