Wednesday 15 January 2014

Mystery KAL Part 4.

Knitting Madness Mystery KAL Part 4

Can you believe it - already part 4 of this mystery KAL!

If you have missed part 3 you can find it HERE

This pattern is no longer available on the blog.
You can purchase and download your packed pattern tutorial HERE

How are you coping with the pattern and the instructions?

I would love to hear from you below :)

Let's get on to the next step of our project!

This week we are going to attach a lid to our bag. For this part of the project you will be using your contrasting colour.

You will also need 4 (2 sets of 2  - coloured) markers and your 9mm circular needles.

Begin by marking the beginning and middle of the top of your bag with two markers.
To do this, place your first marker in your first stitch (where the yarn tail is). 

Pick up and Knit how to

Now count 46 "V's" (stitches) either way and place your 2nd marker. 

Take your second set of markers and count 5 stitches backwards from each marker and place the markers there.

how to mark the upper edge of the bag

Using your contrasting colour pick up and knit 36 stitches between the two blue arrows. So between the yellow markers in my image - not the blue markers!

pick up and knit how to

Once you have the 36 stitches on your needle continue back and forth on the needle in stockinette stitch (1 row knit, 1 row purl) for 19 rows. End with a wrong side row.

Here is the next step for you in this week's video :)

I look forward to watching your projects grow and would love to see you pictures posted on the Ravelry group page.

See you next time.
Please note this pattern will be freely available on the blog for the duration of the KAL only

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