Friday 24 January 2014

Mystery KAL Week 7 :)

Knitting Madness Mystery KAL

Welcome back to the second last section of the mystery KAL :(

This pattern is no longer available on the blog.
You can purchase and download your packed pattern tutorial HERE

Have you had fun with this project?
I have loved watching all your beautiful projects grow!

i-Cord edging

How to create an i-Cord Finish

To start, cast on 3 stitches onto your DPNs.

Continue with the i-cord as follows:

1. Knit 2 stitches
2. Pick up the next "V" on your edge. Only pick up half of the "V" so instead of going under the entire stitch pick up the bit of "V" facing you.
3. Slide the 3rd stitch onto the right needle.
4. Place your left needle back through the 2 stitches and Knit (SSK)

Slide your stitches back to the beginning of the DPN and repeat the steps.

Here this week's Video How-To:

Once finished, sew in all loose ends.

You should now have a completed, knitted bag :)

Your bag should measure: approx. 54 x 41cm.

I look forward to see you next week Tuesday for the last segment of this KAL:

 The felting :)

See you then
Please note this pattern will be freely available on the blog for the duration of the KAL only


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