Friday, 17 January 2014

Mystery KAL Part 5

Knitting Madness Mystery KAL Part 5

Part 5 - now for the cool, patterny part LOL!

In this part I am going to show you how to create........... BOBBLES!

how to knit bobbles

Yeah - the lid of the bag has a bobble pattern included in it. I wanted to add a bit of texture, and show you how easy it can be to create something that does look rather complicated to do!

Are you ready?
Let's go...

This pattern is no longer available on the blog.
You can purchase and download your packed pattern tutorial HERE


K - Knit

P - Purl
YO - Yarn Over
RS - Right Side
WS - Wrong Side (purl side)
pm - place marker
p5tog - Purl 5 Together

You can find the various stitch techniques explained in a photo tutorial format HERE or below in this week's video

*Bobble pattern: (Use for each bobble section in the pattern)

RS (in next stitch): K1, YO, K1, YO, K1 (you will have created 5 stitches in the 1 stitch)

Turn work

WS: P5

Turn work

RS: K5

Turn work

WS: P5

Turn Work

RS: K5 pm


After completing your rows from last week, you continue the pattern as follows:

Row 1 (RS): K9, *Bobble, K7, *Bobble, K7, *Bobble, K10

Row 2 (WS): °P until marker, remove marker, p5tog° (°-° Repeat until end of row)

Knit in stockinette for the next 6 rows ending in a WS.

Next row: (RS) K7, *Bobble, K6, *Bobble, K6, *Bobble, K6, *Bobble, K7

Next Row (WS): °P until marker, remove marker, p5tog° (°-° Repeat until end of row)

Knit in stockinette for the next 8 rows and then cast off.

Here is the video How-To for this week

Don't forget:

Tonight I will be LIVE here on blog or on the Event Page to answer all of your project questions.
See you then

Please note this pattern will be freely available on the blog for the duration of the KAL only

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