Monday 27 January 2014

Mystery KAL: Part 8 - Final Installment

Knitting Madness - Mystery KAL Part 8

Welcome to the last installment of this Mystery KAL.

This pattern is no longer available on the blog.
You can purchase and download your packed pattern tutorial HERE

felted bag tutorial step-by-step

This week, it is all about felting - the scariest part for most people.

Let me start by telling you that it really doesn't have to be a difficult step. 

I use a front loading machine and have felted many projects in the past, without much fuss at all.

My tip: put your project in the machine, switch it on and walk away. Go and make yourself a coffee and go back when the time is up. Otherwise it may drive you crazy!

This is how I felt my projects with Drops Eskimo.

I place my project in the machine with a bunch of towels (this causes friction which helps the project to felt nicely) and set the machine on a mix wash, 40°C without a pre-wash.

I only add washing powder and some vinegar (I always use vinegar instead of softener, it is great for the colours of the project too :)

Then I switch it on and go with it.
If you have a top-loader you can control the size of your projects, but I must admit I am glad I don't have that option, I think I would constantly be opening up the machine :O

Here is my felting experience with this bag for you :

Your finished felted bag should have the approximate dimensions of:
approx 35.5 x 37.5 cm (approx 14 x 15 inches)

felting bag dimesnions

Have you enjoyed this KAL?

I would love to show off some of your projects.

If you are a blogger, link a post below.
If you aren't a blogger, link your project page to the Ravelry Group, share your images, and I will feature your project on the 12th February 2014.

Remember: if you took part in this KAL you may be a winner! Find out more HERE

Don't forget to join me on Friday 31st January for the last Knitting Madness Mystery KAL Hangout - it will take place here on the blog :)
The Knitting Madness Event date has been changed as I am unavailable this evening - sorry about that.

It has been a pleasure going through this KAL with you and I hope it helped you to take a step into the wonderful world of felting goodness!

P.S. Please note this pattern is only available for free on the Blog until February 10th 2014

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