Thursday 10 March 2016

A Spontaneous Mini-Kal Anyone?


Yesterday I asked you all which shawl I should knit.
Today, it has been decided and has been turned into a fun mini KAL :)

Together with my friend Fides @ Siidegarte I will be casting on the Mindful Shawl by Libby Jonson on Monday 14th March.

If you are all over a spontaneous shawl-along then come on over to Instagram and join us.

The mini-KAL will run from Monday 14 March until Wednesday 27th April.

This will give those of you wanting to join us ample time to collect your supplies and finish in time.

At the moment there are no prizes, well there is one, you get a lovely shawl to wear!

To join in with the Mini-KAL, be sure to use the Hashtag #mindfulkal

I will be sure to post a round up post here on the blog of all the gorgeous FOs I find there.

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