Monday 28 March 2016

On my Virtual Sofa - Legacyknitz

Today I would like to welcome the wonderful Podcasting duo who make Legacyknitz

Welcome to Marigolds' Loft ladies :)

Please tell us a bit about who you both are and what drew you to knitting.

C: My name is Chelsea and I am the daughter ½ of this duo. I am a creative trying to find my place in this industry and the handmade world. I work at an aerospace company in Connecticut as an operations coordinator. I have a degree in dance performance, fine art, and a minor in business. I am still searching for a career that utilizes my business background while nurturing my creative being. For right now the podcast is satisfying that void in my life. My mom is who/what drew me to knitting. I have always been surrounded by “making” thanks to her. I have always had handmades in my wardrobe and baskets full of yarn decorating the house we grew up in, paints, colored pencils, beautiful watercolor paper, sketch books (etc. etc. etc.) in my living space and dance classes to attend outside of home. Her and my father are the reason I am the person that I am today and the reason that I am able to be so very proud of who I am.

S: My name is Sue and I am the mother ½ of this duo. I call myself a fiber artist and have been lucky enough to be is this fiber space for a long time. I for many years I owned a counted thread design business called The Nutmeg Needle where I self published and taught needlework. In this endeavor I discovered how much I love sharing my passion! I spent so much time stitching for work that I needed something different for my down time…...hence…...knitting. Eventually all I wanted to do was knit!!!! I describe knitting as one of my spiritual practices. Knitting is one of the things that completely quiets my brain, and let me tell you I have a very loud and busy brain!!!!!

Why did you decide to start a Podcast?

C: Mom’s Periscoping community was really the jumping off point for this podcast. She was so brave and decided to get out there and in front of the knitting community and took to it like fish to water growing her viewership exponentially with every day she broadcasted. Seeing how successful and fulfilled she was with this daily live broadcasting avenue, I decided to try to film something myself sans the live audience. The first few episodes of LegacyKnitz were with me filming solo. I enjoyed it but definitely felt like something was missing. After a few episodes I asked mom to be a guest with me and the rest is history. It took a couple of episodes to convince her to be a permanent fixture on the podcast, but once she agreed we went all in and it has been a dream ever since.

S: Oh my goodness when I first started watching podcasts I always said I want to be a podcaster!!!! There is something about being part of a like minded community that is so amazing. The Fiber arts are truly my passion and when I love something I need and want to share it with the world!!!! The funny part is we never really planned any of this it just keeps happening….I believe in putting one foot in front of the other and see where it leads you. We are truly being led… clue as to where????

Your mother-daughter bond is so touching to watch, have you always been that close?

C: The simple answer- yes. The not so simple answer, we (like almost every parent/child relationship) have had our fair share of growing-up disagreements back in the day. But her and my dad always made sure that they all ended with a talk and a mutual understanding of where the other one stood. As an adult now, I really admire the way they always demanded respect by showing respect. They are a true testament of leading by example both in their love for each other and their love for their family which ultimately made it possible for my parents, my siblings and I to grow into such great friends.

S: How lucky am I!?!?!? YES…...having said that because we are so similar there were definately times when she was younger that were difficult. We never believed in being “friends” with our kids when they were younger. However…….now they are all adults, and I love that we are all friends!!!! We have been blessed with 3 absolutely amazing kids and it was worth every bit of that hard work we put in!!!!

Chelsea, you will be moving away in the near future, how do both of you plan to podcast then, or will there be a break in your podcasting schedule?

C: Oh man, there’s no stopping this train now We will definitely continue podcasting through a split screen Skype type format after the move. We might need to take a week or two off depending on how much time/energy the move takes but we aren’t going anywhere. You can definitely continue to expect regular uploads from the LegacyKnitz podcast.

S: Stop!!!! I don't want to think about it!!!! Just kidding!!! I am soooo excited for them. Oh to be at the beginning of such an amazing adventure!!!! Like Chels said there is no stopping this train now!!!! We are having a blast doing this.

Sue, you mentioned that you always were a "gift-knitting" person. How does it feel to be knitting regularly for yourself? Do you still have time to knit for gifts?

S: You can’t imagine how declaring this my “ Year of Personal Knitting” has impacted me!!!! It is so hard to explain. It can be paralyzing at times since I was always planning gift making. It was part of my daily life!!! I will say it brought me great joy and when I knit for someone it is a very personal thing. In a way taking the year to knit for myself is a lot about self care if that makes any sense!?!!? Having said that we have a few babies entering the world and as Chels said no babies will be hurt in this process!!!!!! I am sure I will break down when the holidays start creeping in!!!

What other crafty things do you ladies do?

C: I zentangle (if you don’t know what it is, look it up- it’s so cool), crochet, draw, art journal, and honestly pretty much anything else that mom discovers and tries I will normally jump on her bandwagon and work with the art/craft form for a while.

S: Oh my what other crafty things don't I do!!!! I really do everything!!!! The one fibery thing I haven't done is weave. I have had a rigid heddle loom for years and I haven't tried it!!! I know that is ridiculous!!! I went to school for children's book illustration and that is definitely on my list of things I still want to accomplish. Besides fiber my favorite medium is combining water colors and inks with colored pencils.

What does the Handmade Movement mean to you?

C: handmade = lovingly made. Handmaking an article of clothing whether it is knit, sewed, crocheted, etc requires you to pick out the colors, the fabrics, and the pattern which means that you have to take much more time and effort than if you were to just run to the store and pick said article out. I think it encourages the promotion of creativity which, unfortunately, isn’t always encouraged in the public schooling systems these days, and it encourages you bend your mind in a productive and meaningful way. I am really hoping that this movement picks up even more speed and continues to span all of the demographics to an even more extreme way because the world could benefit from a little more thought and consideration and creativity.

S: I cant even tell you how excited I am about this movement and that it is being lead (in my opinion) by the younger generation. There are no words for how exciting that is for me!!!! I have always had the mind set of if I can make it why would I buy it??? Even if it costs triple to make!

Who are you most inspired by and why?

C: my mom…for obvious reasons for anyone who watches the podcast. But for anyone who doesn’t…here we go…
She is fun, energetic, adventurous, loving, accepting, understanding, creative, and above all MY MOM (need I say more?) she inspires me to be a better person every single day.

S: I am always inspired by anyone who is excited about what they do. To feel someone’s passion is so powerful.

What is the one Craft tool you couldn't be without?

C: my little crochet hook/fixer tool…because I mess up ALL THE TIME and it literally saves my projects ALL THE TIME.

S: One!?!!?!? Are you insane!?!?! I guess I will have to stick with the most basic tool…….the pencil……..I always have to write down ideas….thoughts…...dreams…..I am a doodler is that considered a craft tool????? In my world I think it might be…….for those who don't think that way it might be hmmmm it has to be 2 things because what good is a needle without thread???? Knitting needles without yarn???? OK I need 2 things and it is knitting needles and yarn!!!

Are their designers/artists who have inspired you along the way?

C: Stephen West was probably the first notable designer that I was able to notice and follow because of his incredibly unique voice and aesthetic. I think he has really pushed me to embrace color- vibrant, intense, unapologetic, IN YOUR FACE color. (also we’re both dancers and I dream about someday talking dance/dancing around the world with him) I have also recently become a huge follower of Molly Klatt as a designer. Her patterns are incredibly easy to read and follow and I LOVE the final products. Her designs are timeless and I will continue to knit her patterns until the end of time. I could go on and on but at the moment those are the two that are the most influential and inspiring in my life and my project choices.

S: The artist that inspired me the most when I was young was Norman Rockwell. I used to TRY to reproduce his paintings. I wish I still had those!!! My favorite artists are children’s book illustrators….Tomie de Paulo Maurice Sendek Chris Van Allsburg……..I could go on and on!!!!

What are your inspirations right now?

C: color, color, color…this is the driving force for me right now. Experimenting with different color combinations and expanding the walls of my very small, very new knitterverse.

S: These are such hard questions!!! I think at the moment I am inspired by all of the indie dyers out there. Yarn right now it soooooo amazing… one seems to be afraid of color…..they just go for it and its not about what they think people might like it’s what they like and they aren’t afraid to put it out there. As an artist it is so important to trust yourself!

If you were granted 3 wishes, what would you wish for to advance the Handmade Movement?

1: I wish that this handmade community would somehow infiltrate the public schooling systems and introduce the youth to this newer, edgier, youth-filled knitting world that is developing. As a kid who struggled getting through school and with the idea that hindsight is 20/20, I believe all educational institutions should be prepared and equipped to teach to more than one type of learner. PROMOTE CREATIVITY!
2: I wish teleporting would be created so that we could zoom over and visit/knit with all of our followers/fellow podcasters at the drop of a hat. The virtual world is amazing but I think it would be even more amazing if we could hug all of the people and learn from all of the people and knit with all of the people that have continued to support us through each and every episode/adventure we go on.
3: I wish that everyone understood the power and value that this art form holds.

S: 1: That the younger generations continue to jump on the bandwagon.
2: That the world would see its value!!!
3: That schools would embrace it and teach it!!!!

Wow ladies, thank you so much for an amazing interview :)
It has been great to spend this time with you and I thank you for taking the time to allow my readers to get to know you a little better.

Where can my readers find you girls online?

Our Ravelry Group:

Our Website:

You can find Chelsea here:

 You can find Sue here:

If you haven't yet watched these lovely ladies, I definitely recommend that you give them a try.
Here is their latest podcast for your convenience:

See you soon.

P.S. If you are a podcaster and would like me to check out your podcast, or if you listen to a podcast that you think is well worth listening to/watching, let me know below :)

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