Tuesday 8 March 2016

On my Virtual Sofa - Tin Can Knits

tin can knits

Today I have the pleasure of chatting with Alexa and Emily of Tin Can Knits.

They are another of our lovely sponsors for this year's Sock-Along,  and I am proud to have them over.

Welcome ladies :)

Please tell us a bit about yourself/yourselves and what drew you to your craft.

Alexa and Emily

Emily and I first met when we were both working at our LYS, Urban Yarns. We had the bright idea that we might want to write a knitting book together, and although she has moved further away from me (first to Vancouver Island, then to Scotland) our partnership has only grown since then. Our first book was 9 Months of Knitting was published in 2011 and we have enjoyed working together ever since. 

What does the Handmade Movement mean to you?

Growing up I came from a family of DIYers. Both of my parents cooked, my mum baked, sewed, and crafted, and my Dad built the house I grew up in. We have always loved the hand made. When I was little I was forever picking up different crafts, from spool knitting to card making, cross stitch to cake baking. It seemed like the way of life.

What is the one Craft tool you couldn't be without?

Yarn! While I might be a bit lost without my needles, nothing happens without yarn. There are so many things that can be done with it and so many varieties to choose from. What would I do without yarn?!

What are your inspirations right now?

This year at Tin Can Knits we declared it the year of something new. So, this year for us is about pushing outside our boundaries and trying new things. Different knitting techniques, garment constructions, color combinations, you name it! When we first created our Simple Collection we were looking to help knitters expand their repertoire. This year we will be putting together more tutorials etc. to help experienced knitters try something new and different. 

If you were granted 3 wishes, what would you wish for to advance the Handmade Movement?

1. Endless hours in the day. With more hours I could do more making, create more patterns, and learn new skills!
2. A sewing teacher at my beck and call. I would love to learn to sew more of my clothes and would really enjoy a personal sewing teacher. While in knitting I am more of a self taught individual, happy to youtube anything I don't know, I like to take sewing classes and follow patterns in that realm. 
3. Did I mention the endless hours? 

Thank you so much ladies for you wonderful chat :)

Where can my readers find you?

They can find us here:

It has been wonderful having you ladies over, thank you so much for your time.

win with tin can knits

Two of you lucky Sock-Along participants will have the opportunity to win yourselves your choice of a Tin Can Knits E-Pattern Book.

You can choose from the following titles:

The first of these prizes will be up for grabs in the March draw!
You still have time, so cast on your socks today ;)

To find out more about how you will be eligible to win a copy of their lovely patterns go HERE

The Sock-Along is so much fun, I would love to have you join us :)

See you soon.

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