Wednesday 16 March 2016

Spring - Well at least inside the House :)


Although outside the house is grey and a bit dreary, inside the house - my little stash of yarn is looking very much like an upcoming season change ;)

Let me start with the WIPs that have been on my needles since last week.

As you recall in last week's post I mentioned the various deals I made with myself pertaining to the various projects.

This is how I got along....

owlie socks

My Owlie socks - As you can see I managed to turn the heels on these babies and am on my home stretch!

Goal for last week reached!

I am sure I will be finished my March socks in good time this month!


If you want to take part in the sock-along, feel free to join in (you can also join us month-for-month)

If you are already taking part, you can see the cool prizes that are up for grab this month HERE


My Avalanche: Over the weekend I finished off the neck, and started my way down the sleeves :D

Goal for last week reached!

As a reward I cast on a new project - actually a spontaneous Mini-KAL.

Mindful Shawl

After asking all of you which project I should start next, my friend Fides @ Siidegarte mentioned that she would knit the Mindful Shawl with me if I wanted to knit that project. I thought that was a great idea and so the #mindfulkal was born :)

If you would like to knit along with us, this mini-Kal is taking place on Instagram only. 

Use the Hashtag #mindfulkal so we can follow your progress :)

You can read all about it HERE

The Shawl is really addictive to knit and so much fun!

Okay, I did make a mess of the first 25 rows by Tuesday - but that was my fault as I didn't read the pattern properly. 

Libby's pattern is thankfully supplied with a chart as well as written instructions so on my second attempt it all went swimmingly :)

Today in the post I received another gorgeous spring surprise!

spinnwebstube sockenabo

Look at this package - doesn't it look yummy?

This is the March sock subscription from Rita @ Spinnwebstube

I love the yarn that she sent me!

She also suggested a cool pattern for the dual colours - Broken Seed Socks

Which I love, and am seriously considering casting them on as well - TODAY!!!

Just as another in-between project, you understand :)

So what have you been up to this week?

Be sure to come over on Friday and link your Finished Objects for the week, I can't wait to see what you manage to finish :)

I am sharing this post with all my lovely creative friends, so pop over there for some great inspiration!


  1. I love that Avalanche. I just put it in my ravelry queue.

    1. Hi flyingjen,
      It is such a great knit too, I am having so much fun knitting it!
      I look forward to watching yours grow too :)

  2. I've knitted a few round on my spiral socks today and finished a small sewing project with the hen, rooster and chicks, the little appliqués I've made. I'm thinking of crocheting a cover for my macbook ... or I could finish the shawl .... :-)

    1. Hi Regula,
      A crocheted cover for your Macbook sounds interesting, or the shawl...... :)

  3. uuuui lots and lots of nice things ;)))...viel spass beim stricken wünsche ich dir ;)
    liebs grüessli lee-ann

    1. Hallo Lee-Ann
      Danke :) und vielen dank für Deinen Besuch.

  4. Olá!Amei as meias !Devem aquecer em os pés ,e o nosso inverno já está chegando.Beijo


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