Thursday, 26 April 2012

Blog Week - 3KCBWDAY4 - A Knitter for all Seasons

I can't say I have been knitting long enough to know if I am a crafter for all seasons or just one - namely winter!
I must admit though that the things I have knitted until now have been winter based. 
At the beginning of April I joined a KAL over at luvinthemommyhood for a spring knit and that has helped me get out of my normal routine. It has also helped me to explore other avenues of things I might not have generally looked at as future projects.
These are my projects which I am busy with:

Grand Plage Cardigan

Kernel Lace Scarf

Mariah Hoodie
And the projects I have lined up after these - or during :D

  1. Glam Shells
  2. Make up your mind - for Jas
  3. Drops 123-3 - for Kay
  4. Sweater with squares - my second crochet project 
Just to mention a few! The list could go on and on and on!


  1. Once you have explored different fibres you will be a knitter for all seasons.

    1. Hi Frockfarie,

      Good to know :D
      Thanks for visiting

  2. Thanks for sharing the patterns for your projects! I love the look of that kernel scarf!
    And don't worry, I think a lot of us crafters are mainly winter crafters. I know I made a lot of winter stuff when I first started out, and now I'm moving toward a variety of projects that are some-what seasonal.

    1. Hi MWitch3,

      It is a pleasure, thank you for visiting.
      I guess you are right, and it doesn't really matter what we are busy knitting or crocheting does it? As long as we can! :D

      Have a super day.


  3. You'll be hooked soon enough ;)
    You've got some lovely bits on the go - and I love the patterns you've lined up, especially Glam Shells :)

    1. Hi Truly Myrtle,

      I think I am pretty much there already!
      Thanks - I can't wait to get onto the Glam Shells, it looks so beautiful, especially in the blue.

      Thanks for visiting,
      Have a great day

  4. Look at you Multi-Project Woman! Holy cow. YOu are brave. I'm in teh same boat. Knitting one year so far and seems to be seasonal. But you can read about that later when I post after yoga!

    1. Hi More Like June,

      Will do, hope you enjoyed your yoga, I used to teach the subject, but have stopped completely and I miss it so much!

      Thanks for visiting


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