Wednesday, 18 April 2012

WIP Wednesday / Yarn Along

A week gone by again! Whew, keeping up with time is really not easy, but then as it is man-made, maybe we should just make it run at our own pace? I am not sure if spring is here or not and we have had a really cold and dismal week. The trees let me know that it is definitely on the way, but the fog and bitter cold tell me otherwise!
I have been wanting to go out into the woods to go and collect the wild ramsons I promised, managed to go into the woods yesterday afternoon, the sun (remember that thing?) came out for about an hour, so I collected my wild garlic :-D and am ready for tomorrows' Kitchen Krafts! Be sure to come past for the info about this cool little herb! 
WIP Update:
On the needles: The scarf I started from last week, is growing steadily and I think it is looking rather nice. Jas' likes it which is great since she will be wearing it at the end of the day ;-D
I have started a hoodie pattern for Kay. Now, I haven't really followed a complex cable pattern until now, and this does look pretty complex, but I am guessing once I have started it won't be all too bad!
Finished hubby's jersey - at last!!! Will post it on Friday. He has since been wearing it, and told me it is really comfy - Whew, the last time I knit a mans' sweater it turned out to be something Quasimodo could wear - no joke!

Like I told you last week, I joined up for a KAL this month, and am not having the smoothest of starts. I am hoping that my wool for the project (which was supposed to arrive by Tuesday last week) will eventually get here this morning so I can try to catch up and make the deadline!
Wool arrived - thank goodness! Now I can knit like a madwoman to catch up.
Do all of you out there make swatches? I have yet to make one, I know the importance of making one and the benefits of having a piece of clothing that fits afterwards, but I still have just winged it with jerseys and cardies until now.
On my Ereader: Egypt - The Book of Chaos by Nick Drake. 
Haven't really started it yet, finished Mockingjay on the weekend, so I guess just taking a breather. At the end of it all I loved The Hunger Games Trilogy. I got the books on special for hubby to read as our library only had the Hunger Games and he was then getting really edgy not being able to continue, so I passed Book 1 onto Jas who devoured it in two days!! Now she is competing with hubby to see who will get to book 3 first!

Anyway, haven't blogged since last week, so it has been great getting some finger practice :-D. Hope to see you tomorrow at Kitchen Krafts for the beginning of my Nature Series.

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  1. I love the hoodie pattern! Your projects and pictures are fantastic! I'm not sure about the Hunger Games. Not decided if I'll read them yet.

    1. Hi Sue,
      Thanks so much.
      The books are such a quick read, you really seem to not be able to put them down at one point. Jas didn't want to really read them and then she started....didn't come out of her room until she was done :-D! We all have really liked them!

      Thanks for the visit.

  2. Something so lovely and peaceful about the image of the tree. You knits look amazing- I bet it will be lovely.

    1. Hi there,

      I agree the tree is wonderful. I really must admit I do live in a lovely spot of the planet and I love to be in the woods and get as close to nature as I can. The problem is that when you live amongst such beauty, you often don't appreciate it as you should! :-(

      Thanks so much for dropping by.


  3. I'm a very naughty knitter, who never swatches... I also have had to rip and restart several projects during the course of knitting because I wasn't getting gauge. But, I'm at peace with that process. It's about as close as I get to thrill seeking.

    1. Hi mkonieczki,

      Oh good, I thought I was alone, I really can't be bothered. I am rather spoilt as my hubby is amazing with numbers and he generally helps me. I look at the gauge mentioned on the wool wrapper, and what is needed in the pattern and then he tells me roughly how many stitches I need extra to get the same size. So far that has worked out wonderfully!

      Thanks so much for your visit.


  4. The sleeves on that cardigan look really impressive! Looking forward to seeing your progress! The scarf pattern is super pretty as well

    1. Hi Shannon,

      Thank you kindly :-D

      Thanks for popping around.


  5. Ooooh, love that cardigan pattern! You've got some good WIP's too. I HATE to swatch so I normally only do it when I think the yarn won't make gauge (like my current project). Otherwise I tend to wing it too :)

    1. Hi Andria,

      Oh goody, looks like the beginnings of a "Hate to Swatch" Club. As for WIPs - they grew today and have since started a whole bunch more - oh my, is there any help out there!

      Thanks for your visit.


  6. That first photo is so pretty Nat, Spring...
    You are busy with the most wonderful projects, I love the pattern on the scarf.
    xo xo

    1. Hi Linda,

      Thank you so much.
      I must say today does feel a bit milder than the weather we have been having recently, although it is still rather overcast and they have forecast snow AGAIN! We have a saying here "Der April macht was Er will!" Which basically translates to April does what it wants.
      I so badly want to get out into the garden - have been waiting to get my fingers dirty for 5 years, but I guess another couple of weeks will be worth the wait!

      Thanks for dropping by.


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