Wednesday 4 April 2012

Woohhooooo - 5000 page views

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Wow, what a milestone this is for me. I remember waiting with baited breath to see if I would ever reach 1000 views. And now 5000. I want to send my thanks out to all of you wonderful people who regularly visit my blog. Without you I wouldn't be celebrating.

To celebrate this amazing event I am giving away a PDF copy of my Simply Cabled Too Sox Pattern to a lucky reader.

To enter please leave a comment. This offer will expire next Tuesday 10th April 2012 in the evening. 
Good Luck and Thank you!
The Winner has been unanimously called out - number 2 - Dahle well done, I will be getting in contact with you through the course of today to send you a copy of the pattern.

Thank you all for taking part :-D


  1. Lovely prize! Hope I win :0)

  2. What a great pattern! Congrats!

  3. I'm just starting my foray into knitting socks and have just done my first simple cables...would love to try another patten!

  4. Thank you for the pattern Natalie! I love it. I am planning a trip to my LYS to get the perfect yarn for it.


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