Monday 30 April 2012

Bridge Update

We are having the most gorgeous spring weather. Yesterday I could eventually pull out my summer clothing and wear some open shoes :D Hubby and I took a walk to where the new hanging bridge is being built to see how things are going. I took some photos to share, so this is what we saw...
This is from the site where the bridge will begin.
This is the view you will have from the bridge...
Apparently, this is one of 6 planned bridges so that you can hike around the entire lake. Interesting, not that I will be walking over a hanging bridge....especially if it swings!


  1. Look at that view! And those houses are fantastic. You live in my dream world!

    1. Hi More Like June,

      Thanks - it is beautiful here, I must admit I don't appreciate it as much as I should!

      Thanks for visiting.



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